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Kategorie: internet-programmierung

The thornily path to a working TYPO3-9.4.x composer installation on XAMPP – OSX – PHP7.2 – ImageMagick – MariaDB

First of all, if you try MAMP-Pro it will fail on the last step of TYPO3 9.x FIRST_INSTALL with some database problem due to field…

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Simple drop-down Menu plus Mobile Menu using TYPO3-Fluid + HTML5 + CSS – without JavaScript

Let’s quote the German singer Wolfgang Petri: „Das ist Wahnsinn, warum schickst Du mich in die Hölle – Hölle, Hölle, Hölle …?“ („This is crazy,…

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DSGVO = Datenschutzgrundverordnung or GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation – TYPO3 and opt-in in Cookies

According to the German hoster Mittwald there is only one TYPO3 extensions that provides a real opt-in for cookies.Since it looks like an opt-in for…

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