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2024 e-Governance Conference Tartu Estonia

Short personal summary of the topics on the main stage

If TYPO3 wants to play an important role in e-Governance, one of the main criteria is interoperability.

In the governmental environment, it is almost never just a question of a website that obtains information from a single source and then displays it via a browser. It is almost always an entire ecosystem within which TYPO3 is a single component.

The second point that was emphasized is dealing with different forms of user verification and certification. If official governmental processes are to be handled via TYPO3, then the integration of e-ID or similar systems must work out of the box. Processes must be trustworthy since they have real life implications for people.

This is in line with my personal experience in developing a learning and social platform in a university environment. The CMS had to work together with the learning system Moodle, the document management system NextCloud and the project management software OpenProject. SSO and dealing with countless new categories and user rights was one of the most complicated challenges.

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